About us

Dame del Mare is the project of two women who have dedicated the last few years to realizing their "dream": a place surrounded by nature, respectful of the environment and very exclusive.

Dame del Mare, more than a B&B, is a transatlantic underway and, as such, offers the welcome typical of ships: exclusive atmospheres where you never get bored.
Climb aboard the Ladies of the Sea for your cruise: you will experience the thrill of the passengers of the great Italian ocean liners, you will be enveloped by the naval atmosphere and welcomed like a first-class passenger.

(Photo: Italianliners.com Archive, Maurizio Eliseo collection, Trieste)

You will enjoy the calm of sailing, enjoying sky and sea shades.

Otherwise, you can get involved in all the activities offered.

We know you are choosing to entrust us with your well-deserved annual vacation days. Our responsibility is to do everything is possible to ensure that every day of your stay remains a happy memory even when you return home.
Get on board today: those who book with us are not looking for an overnight stay, but an experience to tell.

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